Research Activities
Special Issues
  • 2022. 'Privacy-Preserving Methods and Applications in Big Data Processing' Information Processing & Management (Elsevier) ,with Z. Zhu, Q. Lan, V. Vijayakumar.
  • 2019. 'Intelligent Manufacturing' Enterprise Information Systems (Taylor&Francis) ,with H. Wang.
  • 2017. 'Industry 4.0 and Big Data Innovations' Enterprise Information Systems (Taylor&Francis) ,with Yale Yu.
  • 2016. 'Securing Cyberspace and C3' Concurrency and Computation: Practise and Enperience ,with Wenjia Liu, And Lynn Batten.
  • 2015. 'Curbing Collusive Cyber-gossips' Enterprise Information Systems (Taylor&Francis, ERA2010 rank A) ,with Wenjia Niu, Jianlong Tan, Lynn Batten, Liang Chang.
  • 2014. 'Securing Cyberspace' Concurrency and Computation: Practise and Enperience (Elsevier, ERA2010 rank A) ,with Wenjia Liu, Li Guo, Lynn Batten, Yinlong Liu and Guoyong Cai.

  • 2019~2021. Oil/Gas Well Surveillance with Artificial Intelligence Methods ,Industry Product, Project Investigator, with Dr Wei luo.
  • 2019~2021. Intelligent Anomaly Detection System for Encryted Network Traffic ,IndiaN DST, Project Investigator, with Prof. Aswani Kumar Cherujuri, etc.
  • 2018~2020. A Provable Privacy-preserving Data Sharing Solution for the Cloud Campus ,Australia Research Council (ARC-LP), Project Investigator, with Prof. W. Zhou, Dr T. Zhu, etc.
  • 2014~2016. Analyzing Travel Behavior Patterns of Inbound Tourists to Hongkong using GeoTagged Photos ,HK GRF, Project Co-Investigator, with Prof. Rob Law.